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Jane curth, co-founder and ceo

Jane curth, co-founder and ceo

Our Story

Founded in 2016, FitFixNow emerged as a necessity. The Fitness Continuing Education space was still in the dark ages. Most every course was conducted either through the mail or by attending expensive conferences.

Jane Curth, co-founder and CEO of FitFixNow, had recently retired as a Professor of Health and Kinesiology, specializing in bringing her department into the world of online education. With her expertise, honed over many years, she decided to put it to use to help other fitness professionals all around the world. An ACE-certified Personal Trainer herself, Jane knows firsthand the pain of failing to renew her certification.

"I let it lapse, then a few years later decided to get into it," she recounted of her experience. "It cost me so much time and money to get the certification back — keeping it would have been much simpler." FitFixNow was founded to make getting your CEUs quick and easy so no one has to live with the pain of losing their certification.

Now, you have access to the best content on the most efficient platform. Everything is online and ready to go. Don't let your certification expire — make sure you are covered with FitFixNow!