NSCA Last Minute Bundle


ALL NSCA Personal Trainer certifications EXPIRE December 31st! Make sure that you have all of the continuing education you need to renew your certification with our bundle which has over 2/3 of the CEUs you need to get re-certified — and now get this bundle at our incredibly LOW price of $199! The following courses are included in the bundle:

1. Expand Your Reach with Online Face to Face Training: NSCA 0.2
2. 5 Ways You’re Losing Your Clients: NSCA 0.3
3. Increase Your Income with Online Video Group Training: NSCA 0.2
4. Training Aging Bones and Muscles: NSCA 0.3
5. Training the Aging Heart with Safety and Confidence: NSCA 0.3
6. Technology is Your Friend – Using Heart Rate Training to get more our of your clients: NSCA 0.3
7. Boost Your Business with a Better Business Plan: NSCA 0.2
8. The Midas Touch: Golden Clients in their Golden Years: NSCA 0.3
9. Stop the Fall Before it Happens: Balance & Stretch for Aging Populations: NSCA 0.3
10. Making EVERY Client a Success: A Tool Kit for Behavior Change: NSCA 0.3
11. Training Towards and Away From Knee and Hip Replacement: NSCA 0.4
12. Fit Kids for Life: Reversing Childhood Obesity: NSCA 0.3
13. Reinventing The Wheel: Fitness and Adapted PE for the Autism Population: NSCA 0.2
14. Helping Your Clients Become Their Best!: NSCA 0.5