Baby Boomer Fitness Bundle

A $140 Value only $69!

Have you had trouble getting clients? Does it seem like everyone you speak to either has a trainer or doesn’t want one? Or maybe you would like to do more with your training to help others? In any case, this is the bundle for you! “Really?” you might be asking, “Baby boomers?” And the answer, unequivocally, is YES! Baby boomers have the money, time and NEED for certified professionals to help them “train for retirement.” It might not be flashy or cutting edge, but this can often be a route to take when looking for core clientele that will help your fitness business pay the bills. Also, you will be offering serious help to a generation that didn’t benefit from fitness being a core focus as it has with subsequent generations. Learn how to make this work for you with this amazing bundle that will help you diversify your client base, bring in more money and offer an important service to people who need it!


1. The Midas Touch: Golden Clients in their Golden Years–NASM: 0.2; AFAA: 2.0; ISSA: 2.0; NCCPT: 0.2; NAFC: 0.2; ACSM: 1.5
2. Stop the Fall Before it Happens: Balance & Stretch for Aging Populations–NASM: 0.2; AFAA: 2.0; ISSA: 2.0; NCCPT: 0.2; NAFC: 0.2; ACSM: 2.0
3. Training the Aging Heart with Safety and Confidence–NASM: 0.4; AFAA: 4.0; ISSA: 4.0; NCCPT: 0.4; NAFC: 0.4; ACSM: 2.0
4. Training Aging Bones and Muscles–NASM: 0.2; AFAA: 2.0; ISSA: 3.0; NCCPT: 0.2; NAFC: 0.2; ACSM: 2.0