Fitness as Medicine


A $112 Value for $49!

There's no doubt about it — the doctor can be expensive. Even with insurance, out-of-pocket costs can rise very easily, and no one is safe. Children and adults alike are susceptible to the same problems stemming from lack of activity. And even clients who are anticipating surgery will have significantly better outcomes if they themselves are fitter as well as have a shorter recovery time. Children who learn healthy skills early on in life are much more likely to continue those habits into adulthood. All around, there are great clients that you could be training that most personal trainers don't even think about. This bundle shows you how to put your skills to use for special populations who deal with unique challenges and can really use fitness in their lives.

1. Training Towards and Away From Knee and Hip Replacement–NASM: 0.3; AFAA: 3.0; ISSA: 4.0; NCCPT: 0.4; NAFC: 0.3; ACSM: 3.0
2. Fit Kids for Life: Reversing Childhood Obesity–NASM: 0.2; AFAA: 2.0; ISSA: 3.0; NCCPT: 0.3; NAFC: 0.2; ACSM: 1.5
3. Reinventing the Wheel: Fitness and Adapted PE for the Autism Population–NASM: 0.2; AFAA: 2.0; ISSA: 2.0; NCCPT: 0.2; NAFC: 0.2; ACSM: 1.5