NEW! Recertification Bundle 2–Get over 20 or 2.0 CEUs for one low price!


NEW! Recertification Bundle 2
A $300 Value for only $150!

Whether you’ve recertified with us before, or just want different courses than the original recertification bundle, we’ve curated a group of CEUs that we think will make you a better trainer and will give you the confidence to shine. This bundle is good for all trainers with NASM, AFAA, ISSA, and NCCPT. For ACSM trainers, it will give you a great start to your total needs. For ACE trainers, make sure and click here for your special course offerings!

Courses included in the bundle:

1. Training Injured Clients: NASM: 0.3; AFAA: 3.0; ISSA: 3.0; NCCPT: 0.3
2. Zen, Science and Better Client Results: NASM: 0.4; AFAA: 4.0; ISSA: 4.0; NCCPT: 0.4
3. Strong Minds Strong Bodies: NASM: 0.2; AFAA: 2.0; ISSA: 2.0; NCCPT: 0.2
4. Fit Kids for Life: Reversing Childhood Obesity: NASM: 0.2; AFAA: 2.0; ISSA: 3.0; NCCPT: 0.3
5. HIIT for Clients: Getting More with Less: NASM: 0.2; AFAA: 2.0; ISSA: 2.0; NCCPT: 0.3
6. Youth Fitness: NASM: 0.5; AFAA: 5.0; ISSA: 5.0; NCCPT: 0.4
7. Helping Your Clients Become Their Best!: NASM: 0.5; AFAA: 5.0; ISSA: 4.0; NCCPT: 0.5