NAFC Recertification Bundle – 2.7 CEUs


A $350 Value for only $175!

This limited time special bundle will give you enough CEUs to renew your certification with NAFC! For other agencies, like ACSM, it will give you a wonderful head start. It is a great deal that includes useful and quality content. The following courses are included in the bundle:

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1. Expand Your Reach with Online Face to Face Training: NAFC: 0.2
2. 5 Ways You’re Losing Your Clients: NAFC: 0.2
3. Increase Your Income with Online Video Group Training: NAFC: 0.2
4. Training Aging Bones and Muscles: NAFC: 0.2
5. Training the Aging Heart with Safety and Confidence: NAFC: 0.4
6. Technology is Your Friend – Using Heart Rate Training to get more out of your clients: NAFC: 0.2
7. Boost Your Business with a Better Business Plan: NAFC: 0.2
8. The Midas Touch: Golden Clients in their Golden Years: NAFC: 0.2
9. Stop the Fall Before it Happens: Balance & Stretch for Aging Populations: NAFC: 0.2
10. Maximize Your Profit Starting NOW: NAFC: 0.2
11. Helping Your Clients Become Their Best!: NAFC: 0.5