We Will Now Match Competitor Coupons


At this point, it ought to be really simple. Maybe you got a coupon from another CEU or CEC provider that you wish we offered? Well, we now accept those!

Here’s how you redeem competitor coupons with us:

  1. Create an account with FitFixNow.

  2. Fill out this form.

  3. We’ll send you a matching coupon!

Keep in mind…
There might be situations where we have to get creative — but don’t worry. We’ll do what it takes to match your offer.

We look forward to serving you better than the other guys while delivering a better product. So go ahead and try us out with their special coupons!

What about Price Matching?
The difference between a coupon and a price match is that a coupon is usually some sort of code given that you input at checkout. But you know what? We’ll match price as well! So if a website says “75% off select CEUs,” then we will ask for the course you’re looking at. If it matches our course offering, we’ll give you that price match, too! So rest assured that you will get the best price — and you might be surprised to learn that in many cases, you don’t even need a coupon to get a better price!