Zen, Science and Better Client Results

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CEUs-NASM: 0.4; AFAA: 4.0; ISSA: 4.0; NCCPT: 0.4; NAFC: 0.4; ACSM: 4.0

There are direct relationships between the mental, emotional and spiritual health and fitness of human beings and their physical fitness, wellness and performance. Posture and movement are both strongly affected by the biochemical response to stress, anxiety, fear and other negative emotional states. The biochemical state of the human body is strongly impacted by the emotional, mental and spiritual condition of the person inhabiting that body. This course explores the relationships between our experiences, habits, choices and lifestyles and the hormonal, neurotransmitter, postural and other states of the body. It also explores how these conditions impact the way a personal trainer programs for their client and interacts with them.