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FitHive: The Art of the Fitness Consult

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Making Every Client a Success

About This Course

Welcome to The Art of the Fitness Consult! This comprehensive guide is specifically designed to equip fitness professionals with the necessary skills to conduct effective client consultations.

Traditionally, client consultations have been perceived as sales-driven encounters, creating an uncomfortable atmosphere for both the prospect and the fitness professional. However, by adopting a new approach to consultations, we aim to eliminate this discomfort and foster a more positive experience.

By mastering the art of the fitness consult, you can attract and retain higher quality clientele, thereby positioning yourself for success in the industry, regardless of your workplace.

So, let's dive in and discover the techniques that will transform your consultations into a seamless and beneficial process.

The Art of the Fitness Consult

About This Course

Knowing about proper form, anatomy and physiology alone isn't enough to succeed as a personal trainer. Trainers are often judged by the results that they generate for their clients. But without Behavior Change, results will never happen.

This course goes deep into what helps people make better choices and act in ways that are consistent with their goals and values.

Find out what triggers certain behaviors and how to coach your clients through their challenges both in the gym and at the table. Behavior change is the only way to make your clients a true SUCCESS.