(ACE Only) Understanding Addiction in Fitness by EpiConsult [1.1 ACE CECs]

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Course description

During their careers, most fitness professionals will encounter clients who they suspect may have an addiction to fitness, food, or other related issues. Clients may show signs of excessive exercise, extreme weight loss, overtraining, food-related problems, or substance misuse. These may be hidden, or they may become apparent during fitness training sessions. Many fitness professionals, however, are unsure of how to approach and help with such addictions.

This course is aimed to offer fitness professionals an understanding of addiction related to health and fitness. The course presents the most up-to-date knowledge to help you provide the best services to your clients: not only to those clients who have fitness and health-related addictions, but also to those who struggle with establishing a healthy image about themselves. Therefore, this course has quite a broad aim, covering the sometimes-overlapping areas of addiction to exercise and substances; food and eating disorders; muscle dysmorphia; and mental health in general.

Course Objectives

Participants who take this course will have an understanding of:

  • The nature of addictions (to substances and behaviors), eating disorders, and muscle dysmorphia
  • The types and causes of addictions and food-related disorders common in fitness settings
  • Key skills to best support in an informed and ethical way those clients who may have an addiction

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