Become a Flexibility & Mobility Specialist

Elevate Your Fitness Career with Our Premier Stretch Course

Welcome to the threshold of transforming your expertise and service in the fitness industry. Our Stretch Course is meticulously designed for personal trainers seeking to deepen their understanding of more sophisticated stretching, its myriad benefits, and effective execution. In an era where the demand for specialized fitness services is skyrocketing, this course positions you as a leader in the innovative field of stretching facilities and restorative exercise.

Why Enroll in Our Stretch Course?

Lead the Stretching Revolution

Delve into the therapeutic dimensions of stretching, from practitioner scope of practice to consent procedures. Learn safe, personalized stretching solutions while gaining proficiency in partner-assisted stretching and other modalities.

Navigate Contraindications

Identify when stretching may be contraindicated and learn the importance of referring clients to specialists. This essential knowledge safeguards your clients' health and your professional integrity.

Boost Performance & Recovery

Understand the science of stretching and its benefits including enhanced recovery and injury prevention. Elevate your clients' athletic performance through our in-depth exploration of stretching physiology.

More Revenue Streams

Discover the lucrative opportunities within the burgeoning trend of stretching sessions, stretching classes, and even full stretching facilities. This course equips you with the knowledge and skills to tap into this viable revenue stream, setting you apart in the fitness industry.

Meet the Instructors

Sheila Kalas, founder of Fitness Plus, Inc., has revolutionized personal training in Lexington, KY since 1995. Holding a Master’s degree in exercise physiology, she specializes in fitness for those over 50. In 2011, Sheila elevated her impact by partnering with John Stuef on the Strong Over 50 program, making Fitness Plus a certified leader in senior fitness.

Her expertise is recognized in publications like The Chevy Chaser and Women’s Health, and through appearances on media outlets, advocating wellness. Sheila's role in developing corporate wellness programs and her contributions to the Lexington Healing Arts Academy underscore her authoritative stance in the fitness industry.

Sheila also engages in community service, with contributions to the International Book Project and the Kentucky Folk Art Museum, and serves on the advisory board for Cumberland Valley National Bank.

Away from her professional endeavors, Sheila enjoys running, golf, and time with her dogs, blending her passion for fitness with personal joy.

Jake Parker, a proud Morehead State University alumnus with a BS in Exercise Science, has been elevating the fitness landscape since 2017. His arsenal of specialized certifications underscores his dedication to fostering safe and effective movement practices.

Currently serving Washington Penn Plastics in Frankfort, KY, as an Injury Prevention Specialist, Jake integrates his knowledge to cultivate environments where proper mobility is paramount. He stands firm in the belief that educating clients is foundational to their progress and safety.

Jake’s holistic approach to fitness not only enhances physical capabilities but also empowers individuals with the knowledge to sustain their wellness journeys independently.

Jane Curth brings over two decades of collegiate teaching experience, 18 local and national conference presentations, and her certification from the American Council on Exercise (ACE) to the forefront of the fitness industry. Her venture, FitFixNow, marks a significant leap towards modernizing continuing education for fitness professionals. Offering online courses designed to be both affordable and convenient, FitFixNow aims to catapult the industry into a new era of accessibility. Jane's influence extends as a consultant and model for Silver Sneakers.

Her passion doesn’t stop at her professional endeavors; she's committed to mentoring the next wave of fitness leaders through The Mentor Project. Off duty, she cherishes time with her family, innovating new courses, and caring for her rescue dogs, rounding out a life dedicated to health, education, and community.