Managing Stress and Boosting Your Immune System

Managing Stress and Boosting Your Immune System

We are all paying serious attention to the issues plaguing us from coronavirus. If you haven’t seen the CDC’s guidelines, please check them out here.

But beyond the basics of hand washing, sanitizing, and social distancing can you do to support your health?

One great thing you can do is work on boosting your immune system.

Keeping at Your Best Is Important

FitFixNow CEO Jane Curth and The Meditating Doctor, Dr. Jill Wener, chat (from separate locations!) on the best ways that you can manage stress during this troubling time and give your immune system a boost.

Stay healthy, and lean on your friends and family as needed. We’re here to support each and every one of you. Remember that you’re not in this fight alone! We’re all in it together.

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