How do we act at the gym?

How do we act at the gym?

It can be hard to stay motivated while working out, especially when in an unfamiliar environment like the gym. With that said, it’s important to remember that everyone is there for the same reason — to better themselves and reach their fitness goals.

Being courteous and kind to others is key for making any workout space a comfortable and inviting place to be, no matter how crowded or intimidating it may feel at first.

The Importance of Empathy in The New Year

Practicing empathy with people new to the gym is a great way to be considerate of others and create a welcoming space. It can be easy to forget what it was like to be new, so showing understanding and patience goes a long way when interacting with those just starting their journey.

Even small gestures such as offering help finding equipment or providing a few words of encouragement can make all the difference in someone beginning their fitness journey.

Breathe: Take The Time You Need For Yourself

When life and people start feeling overwhelming, take a breath and remember why you’re there: for your clients! Becoming aware of stress-inducing thoughts is key for getting back into an upbeat mindset; focus on your own personal goals rather than comparing yourself to others around you.

Finally, some basic tips for being respectful and polite in the gym include returning items where they belong after use, keeping your phone on silent, not lingering too long near machines, giving way when passing by other exercisers, refraining from using excessive weights if they are being shared with someone else and only using designated areas for stretching or warmups.

Incorporating empathetic behavior as well as practicing good gym etiquette will go a long way towards making workouts enjoyable rather than stressful — both for yourself and those around you.

Know The Basics of Etiquette

One thing is for sure, gyms are public spaces. We need to be conscious of both hygiene and consideration of others.

These are what we believe are the basics of common courtesy:

  1. Wipe down equipment when you’re done. Expecting someone else to clean up your mess is inconsiderate.
  2. Re-rack your weights! Especially when you’re lifting heavy and training hard. Leaving equipment out says to the public that you don’t care about anyone but yourself. Now, no one expects a little blog to change anyone on this. Just remember to send the signal to others, good people re-rack weights.
  3. Keep your music in your headphones, not playing on your mobile device. You might love what you listen to, and that’s great! But forcing that on others by playing it aloud is pretty inconsiderate.
  4. Don’t give unsolicited advice. I know we’re all personal trainers, but unsolicited advice can really be a way to take advantage of people with anxiety and is an arrogant way to present yourself. Develop genuine relationships with people. Then, they will ask for your advice. People want to see that you care about more than just how much money you will make off of them.

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