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The Art of the Fitness Consult (2* CEU Hours)

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2 Continuing Education Hours*

CEU/CEC Credits By Certifying Body






0.2 CEUs

2.0 CEUs

2.0 CECs

2.0 CEUs


*Based on NASM requirements

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify the structure of the perfect consult.

  2. Recognize the questions you will ask for each section.

  3. Develop proficiency at asking open-ended questions.

  4. Understand how to overcome the 4 common objections.

The Art of the Fitness Consult is designed to help the fitness professional learn how to perform a potential new client consultation. The typical client consultation usually results in a “sales” experience that creates an uncomfortable situation for both the prospect and the Fitness Professional.

By changing the way you perform a consultation, it can alleviate the discomfort and allow for a better experience. With having higher quality clientele, you will be better positioned to succeed in the industry, no matter where you work!