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Nutrition for Busy People (3* CEU Hours)

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3 Continuing Education Hours*

CEU/CEC Credits By Certifying Body






0.3 CEUs

3.0 CEUs

3.0 CECs

3.0 CEUs


*Based on NASM requirements


Learning Objectives

  1. Course participants will be able to define nutrition and understand how it fits within overall health alongside things like rest, movement, and mental health.

  2. Course participants will be able to list and describe the 5 tenets of good nutrition: adequacy, balance, quality, variety, and enjoyment.

  3. Course participants will be able to explain a simple weekly meal planning method.

  4. Course participants will demonstrate understanding of the satisfying plate method and be able to identify foods that fit within each food/macronutrient group on the plate.

  5. Course participants will be able to list three to four fueling strategies for quick meals and eating on the go.

  6. Course participants will be able to define mindful eating and explain how to practice it at the workplace.


In today’s fast-paced culture of day jobs with side hustles, two working parent homes, and being connected around the clock with smartphones, busy is an understatement.

Growing, preparing and eating nourishing meals used to be what human life was centered around—taking up the majority of each day’s resources.

Today the need for quality nourishment remains the same, but we’re tasked with providing it with a fraction of the time and energy. Nutrition for Busy People is a 3 hour course created by a registered dietitian that will help fitness professionals understand the most important and timeless tenets of nutrition, so they can help their busy clients stop wasting time on what doesn’t matter, and form a nutrition strategy that supports their lives now.

Additionally, this course will walk participants through mindful eating, realistic meal planning, and day-to-day fueling strategies that save time and promote positive eating habits in those with a busy schedule.