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Teaching to Special Populations: Dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson’s & Neurodiversity

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3 Continuing Education Hours*

CEU/CEC Credits By Certifying Body






0.3 CEUs

3.0 CEUs

3.0 CECs

3.0 CEUs


*Based on NASM requirements

Course Description:

As the yearly number of people diagnosed with one or more types of chronic diseases increases, so does the demand for fitness professionals who have the skills and education to deliver quality and individualized fitness instruction. In this course, you will not only identify the most common chronic diseases affecting our clients, but also examine their symptoms and causes. Ignite your passion to better help your community, deepen your understanding of how to best serve this growing population, and learn how to remain in your scope of practice.

Learning Objectives:

    • Identify the most common chronic conditions, symptoms and their causes that are experienced by your clients.
    • Examine misconceptions surrounding chronic diseases and neurodivergent clients regarding their ability to exercise and learn safe and effective exercises to improve joint mobility flexibility and range of motion
    • Identify social, emotional, and cognitive needs of neurodivergent clients and those with chronic diseases to improve trust and communication.