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Training Injured Clients (3* CEU Hours)

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3 Continuing Education Hours*

CEU/CEC Credits By Certifying Body






0.3 CEUs

3.0 CEUs

3.0 CECs

3.0 CEUs


*Based on NASM requirements

Learning Objectives

  1. Define the basic patterns of fitness training injuries.

  2. Describe how it affects clients and their lives.

  3. Modify necessary exercises to facilitate recovery.

  4. Avoid movements which will cause further harm.

As Fitness Professionals, we do our best to ensure that our clients are safe and healthy. However, inevitably a client will get injured, whether in training or just by simply living their lives. The question is, how do you facilitate injuries without losing valuable training time?

In this course, we will address the basic patterns of fitness training injuries. This is not physical therapy, which is outside the scope of the majority of Personal Trainers. We will discuss the appropriate modifications in terms of cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, and balance and flexibility exercises.

These will help you to continue training your clients through injury so as to achieve more optimal recovery. The information in this course will work great for offering a fitness supplement to a physical therapy prescription and to provide a tertiary level of care for the afflicted individual.

Dr. Irv Rubenstein is our guest instructor for this course, with a PhD in exercise physiology and decades of experience, Irv is an expert in functional training.